About us

The best prerequisite to getting your aircraft back in the air as soon as possible is a reliable airspares service.

Our experienced staff is your guarantee for trouble-free provision of spare parts, where speed and efficiency are paramount. Not only do our employees understand this highly specialised industry but also have in-depth knowledge of general aviation. Professional advice, proven logistics; together with quality and punctuality in processing orders are of absolute priority. Take advantage of our staff’s experience for your requirements.

The fascinating airspares industry is a key global business, with the highest demands which we fulfil for all our customers’ requirements and expectations. We deal with new components and assemblies and overhauled airspares in accordance with the special quality and technical safety considerations of the aviation industry.

As a result of many years of experience with Boeing and Airbus airspares, we have extensive close business relationships in the industry. This way we know where spare parts are needed and where they are available, even when the need for a part lies outside of our own airspares portfolio. We are also in the position of connecting potential customers with specialist airspares manufacturers.