Logistics is where all the components of the business come together. For us this means the right amount, in the right condition, at the right time, at the right place, to the right customer and at the right price. In other words: with a worldwide network of aviation service partners, we ensure quick answers to your enquiries as well as quick delivery of the necessary airspares meeting your requirements.

Sourcing our spare parts primarily from leading manufacturers, we mainly deliver to airlines and maintenance companies. Whether consumables, rotables or Ground Support Equipment (GSE), traded parts such as avionics, engine parts, filters, maintenance tools, hardware, lamps, lights, electrical components, raw materials, wheels & brakes and much more, we supply spare parts you can rely on.

All parts bought and sold are certified in accordance with aviation requirements (FAA 8130-3, EASA Form 1 etc.) and can be completely traced back to the companies of manufacture. All parts are also thoroughly checked upon goods receipt to ensure that they match the respective certifications. We can also carry out sourcing activities for airspares not covered by our portfolio and do our best to obtain these parts for you as quickly as possible.

We are your “one stop shop” for airspares, providing full service with our cutting-edge communications and logistics.

Minimising down-time is our excellence

In aviation each component is of enormous importance, working under extreme demands on a daily basis while ensuring 100% reliable performance. There just isn’t any room for defects. When an aircraft is grounded due to a defect part, exceptional speed and urgency is required. You can only make money with an aircraft in the air, not on the ground. During our sales of aircraft spare parts, trading consumables as well as rotables, we were always being asked if we could provide a repair service.

Since we work together worldwide with the most important manufacturers and suppliers and have established excellent contacts with many renowned repair stations, we soon decided to add this service to our portfolio. Since then we have been in the position of offering repair service solutions which can be individually tailored to required customer parameters. Our customers expect a complete service of both sales and repair of aircraft spare parts and we deliver!